Interfacial Solutions’ R&D Services

Interfacial Solutions R&D organization offers a broad range of plastics R&D services to support the innovation and R&D solutions needs of our customers.  As part of our mission to help innovators innovate, our R&D organization delivers idea-to-production R&D services to the plastics industry including: new product ideation R&D services, new product development R&D services, lab testing R&D services as well as expert plastics consulting services, plastics manufacturing and technology due diligence services, and intellectual property, patent searching and patent assessment services.

Interfacial Solutions’ R&D organization regularly provides our R&D services to a broad range of customers across various markets in the plastics industry.  As a result, our R&D organization has a great deal of experience with numerous polymer technologies and is well versed in many and effective R&D solutions.  Our R&D organization is uniquely positioned as an independent R&D solutions provider to offer a full suite of R&D services, R&D solutions, and manufacturing scale-up services that can not be found elsewhere in the plastics industry.  In addition to the R&D services offered by Interfacial Solutions’ R&D organization, we also have the ability to offer plastic toll manufacturing and engineered plastic compound sales and plastic compound development through our associate IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds.

If you are looking for the leading provider of idea-to-production R&D services in the plastics industry, and services including plastics consulting, new product ideation, new product developmentlab testing, patent searching and assessment, or technology and manufacturing due diligence Interfacial Solutions has the skills and experience to meet your needs.  We also work regularly with expert plastic consultants to help them bring their innovations and ideas to market for their clients in a timely manner.  If the R&D service skills you require are not available at Interfacial Solutions we probably know of another expert who can help you.

If you are a plastics expert looking for additional services or business models to augment your current expert plastics consulting business please contact us.

In summary, Interfacial Solutions, as the leading provider of idea to production contract R&D services to the plastics industry is ready to take on your innovation challenges.  For further information about our R&D organization and all of the R&D services we offer please contact us.