Interfacial Solutions Mission

The mission of Interfacial Solutions is to Help Innovators Innovate in the plastics industry.

Interfacial Solutions is a contract research company whose sole focus and mission is the development of innovative plastic solutions for our contract research and development customers and the enablement of rapid technology transfer to commercial success.  Founded in 2003 by Dr. Jeffrey Cernohous, our contract research company has grown rapidly to become the leading independent contract research company in the plastics industry focused on providing idea-to-production capabilities to our customers and to assist these innovators in innovation.  By focusing on the need for rapid technology transfer, Interfacial Solutions has a strong track record of bringing innovative plastic solutions developed in our research laboratory quickly to market.  We do this by effectively combining the innovative capabilities of the multi disciplinary skills found at our contract research company and enabling ideas to quickly flow from our research laboratories to our process development research laboratories in a rapid technology transfer methodology.

What makes Interfacial Solutions uniquely positioned as a contract research company to achieve its mission of helping innovators innovate is our ability to provide idea to production services to our customers.  Interfacial Solutions’ research company model is about more than being just a research laboratory or being just a process development research laboratory or being just a consulting research company.  We specifically focus on being the leading plastics industry research company providing a full range of services ranging from ideation to production with a particular focus on rapid technology transfer and innovative plastic compound development.  Rapid technology transfer and innovative plastic development are the primary reasons our contract research customers value us as a research company.

Interfacial Solutions enables its research company and technology transfer mission to help innovators innovate from ideation to production through its association with IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds and IFS IP patent services.  These organizations are founded and owned by Ph.D Polymer Chemist and Engineers, including a patent attorney, all sharing a passion for delivering innovative plastic solutions and innovative plastic products that meet our customers’ needs via rapid technology transfer.  Our ability to combine research company and research laboratory skills with rapid developments in our process research laboratory simultaneously has led to numerous innovative plastic development and rapid technology transfer to commercial success all within our location.  Our combined research company organization has found great synergy in developing innovative plastics between our plastic research laboratories, our plastic process research laboratories and our engineered plastic compound commercialization organization.  This unique, independent combination, enabling rapid technology transfer as our customers move from researching their innovative plastic solutions to requiring scale-up and commercialization of their innovative plastic products is unmatched in the plastics industry.

Specifically, as a research company, Interfacial Solutions is dedicated to contract research and development with a focus on helping customers develop innovative plastic solutions and innovative plastic products.  Interfacial Solutions often develops innovative plastics in our research laboratory utilizing twin screw extruders found in our process research laboratory.  The resultant materials are then promptly tested in our state of the art plastic testing research laboratory and the results of the contract research is summarized and communicated regularly to our customers.  Our plastic research laboratory testing services provide us the ability to determine most every standard polymeric materials testing including impact testing, tensile and elongation plastic testing, chemical analysis lab testing, microscopy lab testing, and various rheological plastic testing.  A full list of the contract research laboratory services and materials testing capabilities of Interfacial Solutions and IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds can be found here.

Another key attribute of our research company success, true of both Interfacial Solutions and IFS Engineered Plastic Compounds, is that we are comfortable doing things differently in our mission to help innovators innovate.  We know from much experience that bringing plastic innovations through the technology transfer process to create and innovation plastic solution requires strong technical knowledge and a willingness to try the unknown.  Quite simply we are not afraid of doing things differently, while always keeping a strong eye to safety, and playing an instrumental role in helping to bring innovative plastic solutions and innovative plastic products safely to the market.

If you are in need of a research company in the plastics industry to assist you in bringing an innovative plastic product to market, you have found the research company that will make you successful.  We encourage you to contact us as you seek the best and fastest way to transfer technology and bring your plastic innovation to market.