Interfacial Solutions, the leading provider of idea-to-production contract R&D services to the plastics industry, is pleased to announce that Founder and CTO, Dr. Jeffrey Cernohous, presented on deVerde Moisture Resistant Technologies for Wood Composites at ANTEC 2012 in Orlando, FL. The conference, held April 2nd to April 4th, was co-located with NPE2012 and provided a technical forum for innovators to share their advancements in nearly every aspect of polymer processing and materials development.

Dr. Cernohous stated “As the leader in providing innovations to the plastics industry, this conference gave us an opportunity to share our passion for innovation with others in the market that have the same sentiment. We take great pride in ANTEC conference committee asking Interfacial Solutions to present three times at a conference of this magnitude, and the co-location with NPE gave people a chance to stop by our booth to discuss other technologies and services we offer.”

deVerde Moisture Resistant Technology was developed to meet a growing demand for polyolefin based composite materials to replace fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastics for price sensitive applications. However, when composites with high fiber content are exposed to high humidity condition they can absorb as much as 10% if its mass in moisture. This can affect the composite’s dimensional stability, color fastness, and microbial resistance. Conventional coupling agents do not provide adequate protection in these applications. Interfacial Solutions’ but proprietary technologies were shown to improve the moisture resistance at room temperature and elevated temperatures. The benefits seen by deVerde Moisture Resistant Technology are greater retention of color and mechanical properties after steam exposure.

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