Interfacial Solutions, the leading provider of idea-to-production contract R&D services to the plastics industry, is pleased to announce that it will be presenting on Nanocomposite Foams at the upcoming International Polyolefins Conference 2012. The results of this presentation have been enabled by Interfacial Solutions recent investment in super critical CO2 foaming capabilities. The conference, held from February 26th to February 29th in Houston, Texas, provides an annual forum for innovators to share their advancements in nanocomposites, properties and characterization of olefins, and enhancements in materials and manufacturing. International Polyolefins Conference 2012 is a collaboration between Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Polymer Materials and Additive (PMAD), and The Flexible Packaging Division.

Dr. Adam R. Pawloski, Interfacial Solutions’ Technical Director will be presenting the nanocomposite foam paper and stated “As a leading provider of innovations to the plastics industry, Interfacial Solutions is excited to have super critical CO2 foaming capabilities added to our laboratory and the efforts of our contract R&D customers. Our nanocomposite foams research will look at the impact of different nanoscale nucleation agents and the property enhancements they bring to various polyolefin foams.”

Today’s market for polyolefin foams is greater than 250,000 metric tons per year and about 30% of that market is cross-linked polyolefins. Properly leveraging advances in nanocomposite foams could significantly expand the utility of the foams created in this market. Specifically, our research shows that with the right combination of processing parameters and processing additives there is an opportunity for nanocomposite foams to replace cross-linked foams in certain applications.

The full paper can be found HERE

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